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Nadar Fitness, is an experienced Health and Lifestyle coach based in Pune, India. With 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, he offers a range of services to help individuals and groups achieve their health and fitness goals.

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With 20 years of experience

Fitness Training

Rahul Nadar offers fitness training programs, which cover a variety of exercise regimen and activities aimed at improving overall levels of fitness, strength, and endurance.

Group Training for Families/Friends

One of the offerings provided by Rahul Nadar is group training, tailored for small groups of families and friends consisting of 2-5 members. This approach provides a supportive, enthusiastic and social environment for achieving fitness goals. The training sessions are designed to be engaging and energetic which promote a positive group dynamic.

Weight Loss & Supplementation Consultations

Rahul Nadar offers consultations focused specifically on weight loss along with the professional guidance on use of dietary supplements. These consultations will involve customised advice on nutrition, exercise, and supplement recommendations which vary individual to individual and supports weight loss goals.

Tailored Workout and Diet Plans

For every individual tailored workout and diet plans provided by Rahul Nadar helps achieve individual's immediate personal goals. This personalized approach will lead to more effective and efficient results when followed rigorously.

Personal Training

Rahul Nadar’s personal training sessions are one-on-one sessions with clients. Proper follow ups and regular checkpoints cause the sessions to be effective helping speedy and quick recovery of muscles and reduces fatigue providing more energy to an individual. The focus is on providing high-quality training guided by a seasoned professional.

Featured Classes

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Personal Training

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Weight Loss & Supplementation Consultations



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Fat Loss

Posture Correction

Muscle Tone

Weights Loss

Cardio FItness

Core Strength


Fat Loss


Posture correction


Muscle Tone


Weight Loss


Cardio Fitness


Core Strength


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Customer reviews

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Rahul Nadar is a true fitness maestro! His group training sessions are a blast, making workouts feel like a fun hangout with friends. The personal training I received was top-notch, tailored to my goals perfectly.
Akansha Sharma
Rahul Nadar is the fitness guru you've been searching for! His 20 years of experience shine through in every session. The group training brought a new level of energy to my workouts, and the camaraderie was motivating.
Shreya Pawar
Rahul Nadar's fitness expertise is a game-changer! His group training sessions are like a burst of motivation, making sweat sessions something to look forward to. The personal training experience was enlightening – his in-depth knowledge helped me understand my body better.
Anand Kulkarni

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Rahul Nadar is an experienced Health and Lifestyle coach based in Pune, known for his expertise in the fitness industry. With 20 years of experience, he offers a range of services to help individuals and groups achieve their health and fitness goals.

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